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No address is in the shipping zone? Not even Toronto?!

I cannot ship the SIM Card. It doesn't matter what address I put in the shipping address, an error message pops up saying I am not in their Shipping Area. I checked - I AM in their coverage zone. I tried my home address in Alliston, my parents address in Barrie, my work address in TORONTO. Are you telling me, that even though I am in the coverage zone, no one will ship to me. What is going on?!



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Yep Allison is correct Lindsay. Coverage zone and subscription zone are not the same.
Canadian telco rules.

Similarly Freedom Mobile clients out West (AB, BC) cannot subscribe in QC or NS etc.

Also while is okay with roaming across canada. If you use their service outside of the subscription zone for 3 months in a row (greater than 50% usage each month outside the subscription zone) you risk having your subscription cancelled.