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Fizz unsubscribed me out of nowhere and now my phone doesn't work?!

I got an email at midnight saying I had requested to unsubscribe on November 19th and my line was officially unsubscribed. I NEVER REQUESTED THIS! Now my phone doesn't work at all. I'm furious!

Damn. This sucks. You will have to contact support asap as they may be able to reverse it.
Let's hope this doesn't happen to everyone. Community may not be able to help on this case.

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It's not enough to be furious, you've got to be fast as well. Fast in contacting them through one of the means available to you.

Besides , there are:

1) Email

2) Chat (7 am to 10 pm | Week-end 10 am to 6 pm)
Login your account.
Click on “Help”.
In “Popular topics” click on any subject.
Scroll down to the bottom.
In the right corner the chat bubble will appear after 15 seconds.
Click on the bubble and type your question.
You will see what position you are in the queue.
Sometimes, it can be very long before you can chat with someone: one hour, 90 minutes…

3) Facebook Messenger

4) Contact form
Login your account;
My profile--->Contact forms--->Submit a complaint

Make sure you re-activate your plan before december 19th at least you will get the launch prices. Probably a bug. For sure live chat will be able to assist you get the difference refunded!

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It says you unsubscribed on Nov. 19'th, this means you would continue to have service until the end of your monthly agreement (Nov 30'th). Fizz is entirely prepaid so you pay before you use (unless you use Pay as you Go).

If you're 100% sure you didn't miss-click something, I would suggest contacting them via : ''My Profile / Contact Forms''.



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Best option is to chat with someone from Fizz using the bubble or message on fbook



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@Alexandre B.

Is your problem solve?

By the way I'm pretty sure I posted something here earlier... guessing someone at Fizz wasn't to happy about it...