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Phone number you entered is not valid error

I ordered a SIM and I am trying to port my number in. It is a (613) 464- number. When I enter it, I get the error saying "phone number you entered is not valid." Is this a website error or am I unable to keep my old number? How can I port it in? Tnx



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Hi, you should view Fizz's coverage area.

If your original line is outside of the coverage area, it might be impossible to port the number. I've seen a few people with 613 area codes unable to port their numbers to Fizz.

For a more definitive answer, I would go to ''My profile'' then select ''Contact Forms''.

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It could be a simple form validation issue. Try it without the dashes and brackets, if that's not being automatically added.

I ported a 613 number and it was a walk in the park. Everything worked as it should.

Otherwise contact Fizz using one of the means available to you.

Besides , there are:

1) Email

2) Chat (7 am to 10 pm | Week-end 10 am to 6 pm)
Login your account.
Click on “Help”.
In “Popular topics” click on any subject.
Scroll down to the bottom.
In the right corner the chat bubble will appear after 15 seconds.
Click on the bubble and type your question.
You will see what position you are in the queue.
Sometimes, it can be very long before you can chat with someone: one hour, 90 minutes…

3) Facebook Messenger

4) Contact form
Login your account;
My profile--->Contact forms--->Submit a complaint

Does that number match your address? For example I had a 514 but where I live they give 438 so I was unable to port and had to create a new one



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Sebastian P.: Both 514 and 438 are Montreal numbers (overlay, see map at the bottom, so I am surprised that they would not allow porting in a 514 number as they share the same geographic areas. (I think landlines may be more restricted due to different rate centres even within same area code, but wireless should be fine)

I think this is something they need to fix. (This would affect Ottawa's 343 overlay as well as those in 450 outside Montreal)