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Referral program doesn't work?

I have several referrals that are from nearly two months ago, so they've already paid their 2nd bills weeks ago, yet they're still pending. I reached out to Fizz on Facebook and it took two days to get a completely useless answer.

That does not sound good. Only on my first month here. I only have the one referral. So it wouldn't be much of a loss but I'd imagine it would piss a lot of people off.

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I recommend to use the contact form on your "My Profile" page.

At least it automatically opens a ticket in the system.


Make sure to be explicit as much as possible about your issues. Otherwise you'll end up in a wild goose chase, exchanging e-mails for ever, trying to get the right answer.

Cheers :)


Don't forget to designate the best answer to your question by clicking the "Make best answer" button. It's the best way to reward the ones helping and it optimize search result when browsing the community Hub for the right answer!

I used that form for a separate account issue (can't see my transaction history) and I'm still waiting for a response a week later. Even sent a follow-up message with no response. Fizz is clearly way understaffed.



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This company is still in beta which is why you are getting these amazing prices, so you have to be patient.