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I've given the IMEI number in private email to a guy from Fizz?

As I can't transfer my number to Fizz, I've sent request through form. But suddenly I've received a email from a guy called Whizz asking me share my IMEI number in private, he wrote as he was stuff of Fizz. So I gave him the IMEI number. It could be a scam?

Jean J
Jean J

Jean J

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I also received an email from a 'Whizz' who turned out to be a Fizz employee.

I agree it's kind of weird how they don't have an email signature, their email address is also very weird (

This is good info, nowadays with so much scam we need to know if we are talking to the right person. Could we have a confirmation of what domain the email addresses are coming from from Fizz?

Hey Jean J,

To reassure you Jean & Sebastian, yes we do at times send private messages to our community members via ( so that we can assist them. Not to worry, these emails are sent through our platform, I do agree that the email address is a little wonky - we're looking at different options of rebranding the email address as shown in Sean's reply.