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Fizz home internet coming soon?

I have heard that some beta testers have been receiving their home internet kits. Does anyone know when Fizz will be rolling out this service to the public? Has there been any mention of which areas they will be offering this service in?



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We can only hope!

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I have Fizz home internet at the moment. I am in Montreal. They installed it today. Just want to mention, when setting up your modem, turn off Band Steering in 5G settings. It is under Wireless > Basic settings. I almost decided to return the modem and cancel it the first night I received it :)

@Isa could you comment on how difficult is the config? I saw the option to either configure yourself for free or to pay 30$ for having someone do it. If you did it yourself is it just to configure wifi and ports or something else?

I think I could do it myself but I share the internet with people so I did not want to try my chances. You connect the cable to the modem and then connect the ethernet cable to any device with ethernet connection. In my case, my TV box was already connected to the modem with ethernet cable. As soon as the modem received the signal from Fizz, my TV box automatically opened a browser with the settings page of the modem. Simple page: you enter the SSID name and password for your Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi is up and running.

Also, the password you set for your Wi-Fi becomes the password for the modem settings. So when you access your modem by entering (I did not memorize the actual IP address but it should be this) on your browser, username is the one Fizz provides, and password is the same as your Wi-Fi password.

They are supposed to install the cable of the "cable internet" anyway. There is no fee for it. My only concern was "what if something goes wrong and I cannot call Fizz?" :P

I know this becaue I did not pay anything for Videotron installation or Bell DSL installation. They had to drill my walls etc. Bell DSL installation took 6 hours and still there was no fee.

Providers need to make sure the wires in your building are good to go.

Modem password same as wifi password? That seems like a rather bad idea, or at least I was told by my electronics student son that it's a bad idea and he pushed me to change ours.

Well, some companies spoiled me. You know it is 6 pm, something is broken, and I call and talk to a person who can either fix it right away or direct me to the right solution right away instead of making me wait 20 hours to just to get an answer that may or may not initially fix my issue :P.

Yet here I am, because I believe I will have less and less issues with Fizz in near future and I will have to contact the Support team 3-4 times a year at most :)

@Isa E:

I think the address IP to access the router is It's also interesting to know that we can access it publicly via the IP address (what is my ip address on Google and then copy and paste into you address bar)

Can I ask why you recommend yo disable "Band Steering"? I also had some wifi issues when i first received the router but it seems better now.


Hey :) it was not stable for me and I could not reach the promised speed which I believe requires the 5ghz connection. With band steering, I could not connect to 5ghz at all times. I ended up turning the wifi off on the modem anyway. I connected the Videotron router to it.

4 people were connecting to the fizz modem with several devices, maybe that was the reason for connection issues.