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Can I force my iPhone to use Bell towers when roaming?

Does anyone know if I can force my iPhone to only use Bell Towers instead of ROgers towers when roaming? My house is in bad coverage area so roaming a lot. Bell signal is much better than Rogers signal. Thanks!



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Yes you can set it manually to Bell, if it shows in the list of preferred carrier.

Settings / Data / Carrier setting / Automatic set to OFF then select Bell if it shows in the list.

Cheers :)

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Yes, you can just keep in mind that it is against Fizz's policy to use roaming more than 50% of the time or for 3 consecutive billing cycles.

@Emre Y.
Yeah I noticed that when I was down in the Rimouski area.
Only Telus tower there, so it was easy to find out which provider I was hooked to.

I guess it's an other story in the Montreal area. :))