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Map shows service is provided in my area but when purchasing it it says Its not available in that area, how do i fix it?

As stated in the title, the coverage map shows that where I live has service provided and it takes me to the plan selection when I click my address, however after selecting a plan it says its not available in my area. I tried looking for the support chat bubble but its nowhere to be seen and ive checked everyday for the past week, Fizzs FB chat support still hasn't helped out with the issue and they seem to reply once a day which is making me impatient, so anyone know why its doing that?



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Hi Sarim,

The important question is not so much if there is coverage but if you are in the subscription area.
Unless you are in the latter you cannot sign up to become a Fizz subscriber. This is due to rules on network sharing that all Canadian networks are subject to.

Here is an example of having coverage but not being able to subscribe.

Are you sure you are in the subscription area?

Good luck


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Hi, to access the chat bubble deactivate all pop up blockers. Then log into your account and visit your profile, you will see a small green chat bubble on the bottom right. If it still doesn’t show up, you can go to “My profile” then select “Contact Forms”

Please note that the map shows a very approximate view of service coverage.

One thing to consider if you are porting your number, I had a 514 and because of my address it didn't let me port it and instead I got a new 438 because even though I had a 514 my address didn't match the available area code