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My sms is now ok ?

Hi Guys, when I first joined Fizz, my incoming SMS wasnt working, 2 days later, i got an email from FIZZ welcoming me aboard and all features should work now .. I tried the sms againg and everything is working great… Thank you FIZZ , so far im satistifed



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Hey Fabrizio,

Sometimes it just takes a bit more time to get everything up and running, no matter the carrier.

I hope you enjoy your Service and if you need anything, we are here!


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Good, I think they did a major deployment last night!
My VM is suddenly working this morning as well as some call forward functions!!

We're going to get there, but like they say... don't hold your breath :)

Texting, Voicemail, and calling has always worked for me. There are still texting issues with sending characters such as @ and $. And 2-factor-authentication using text (for banks, or FAANG) still doesn't work. But it's not a big deal and they are aware of the issue.