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SIM Activation not working?

Received an email this morning to continue activating my SIM card.
But when I enter the Activation code it says it is invalid. Probably because I had previously already entered it.

I am able to receive/make calls and use my data plan but I cannot received or send texts and SMS. Please help

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I procede in that order an I get the Chat bubble on almost every time between opening hours!


1 - Login to your acount;

2- Go to any FAQ from the Solution Hub page;(ex:

3- Wait a few seconds, the Chat bubble should apear in the right bottum corner of your brorwser.

4- Click on the chat bubble and put question in the message area, it will tell your position in the waiting line.

That's it!

Try this
The number to the SMSC is configured ok?

Make sure your phone is correctly configured for the Short Message Message Service Center (SMSC).

The number configured in your phone must be: 1-438-520-0092.

The process can vary from one phone model to another. Here are two examples:


Verification on Android: Applications → Touch the Messaging icon → Context Menu (the three points at the top of the screen) → Settings → More Settings → Text Messages  

Editing on Android: Dial *#*#4636#*#* from your phone keypad → Phone Information → SMSC: Update with +14385200092  


Verification on iPhone: Dial *#5005*7672# → Press the key to place the call.  

Editing on iPhone: Dial **5005*7672*+14385200092# → Press the key to place the call.