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What to do if there is no SIM after 3 hours (selected express shipping )?

I ordered the SIM online for more than 3 hours yet I haven't recv'd the SIM yet. Where do I see the status of SIM shipment. Also, I dont see the chat bubble when logged into the account

call purolator/career that delievered your shirpment and yell at them. Thats what worked for me. It came very very late however, definitely not in 2 hours like it is promised. Chat with fizz and have them refund you the express shipment cost.

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If you chose express shipping, you are supposed to receive it within two hours. They will send you an email confirmation saying it was shipped. On that email, there is an option to say that you have not received it.

I received my SIM card the same day I ordered it.

Thanks. Yes I do see it and it leads me to a web page where it says below:

"My delivery is flagged as delivered but I haven’t received it. What do I do?
Check the shipping address you used when you placed your order.
Use the Fizz chat tool to report the problem to customer service. We will send you a new SIM card immediately."

Now, i donot see the chat tool option. I have sent a facebook messenger message however with my order no.

Yes, I see you've taken all the steps necessary to resolve this issue. I think all you can do now unfortunately, is wait for them to respond. I am 100% sure you will receive it eventually. Dont worry!

I would strongly suggest calling the carrier whos in charge of your delivery.
If you are in the Montreal area, from what i know its Planete courrier. Give them a call with your order number, tell them its from fizz and pass them your order number, they should be able to provide you with a tracking number and a status on your delivery.