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Has anyone had any problems with service?

I just recently subscribed to Fizz and I was wondering if anyone else had problems with service reception?

Reception seems to be OK.
Major issue is that the 2 factor authentication messages are not received. So if you use your phone to login anywhere that will send you a code in a SMS text, then forget about it. The issue is known and they said the fix is coming from a few days to a few WEEKS. If I knew that, I wouldn't made the switch. I am thinking to leave the service just because of that.

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I was unable to receive calls for about a week. I also had text problems during that time. As far as I know, everything has been working as expected for the past few weeks.



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I was in Toronto (specifically Woodbrige) last weekend and my phone kept dropping calls every 2 minutes and 40 seconds (I once had 8 dropped calls in one conversation). I'm not sure what caused it - i have unlimited calling and roaming in Canada/US - but i hope it gets fixed before the holidays when i go see my family.

I also had to manually enter network settings so i could use my data outside of the home network,

Admittedly, I just assumed this was the "price of being a beta tester". Hope this isn't a regular problem.