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Phone plan price?

So if I join a plan before Dec 19th 2018, is the discounted price stay with me as long as I don't change plans?

For example,
10 Gbs, unlimited minutes and messages, Canada wide will cost $43 +taxes forever, unless I switch plans.




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Hey Tim,

I just had a look and yes, the price you sign up at is the price you'll pay forever.

Beta was different since it was agreed and explicit that the price was for 3-months.

The introductory price plans will be ''grandfathered'' as long as you need. No time limit.

NB: You'll only keep the price provided you do not change your plan, so choose wisely.


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What about those who have the beta plan prices now? Will we get the introductory price after our 3 months or will we be stuck with the non-introductory prices? That's kind of a catch22 if we don't get the intro prices...