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How to apply perks to a second line?

I have two numbers under my account and want to apply the 100MB perk to my second line. When i go to add it only the number that was activated fist shows up not the one I wish to apply the perk for.



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Hey All, 

Once you have applied a perk to a line, i do not think you can move it to the second line as its already applied and in use as perks are a one time use per account.

But, if you have yet to use your perk and its sitting in your Unlocked queue, simply click on the perk, pick the number you want to apply it to and Tada, you are on your way!.


More information about perks are available here if you need more information on how to apply it: 


Cheers and let me know if there is anyway i can help!


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Hey All,


If you have already redeemed the perk for one line, you cannot move it to the other as its already in use as i believe perks are a one time use, for a line of your choice and cannot be redeemed more then once. 

If you have yet to redeem your perk, simply click on the unlock perk and pick the number you want to assign it to and...Tada! you are good to go!


For more information on how to apply them, Visit


Cheers and let us know if you need anything else!