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Why SMS I receive are split in blocks of 64 characters?

Received SMS are split in 64 characters blocks, like the old systems and phones, and sometimes I received them in a scrambled order.

Hello Robert,

Kindly note the beta period ends today and it would be no longer extended. Thank you for your confidence. I am sure we will meet all your expectations. We are working hardly, as you already noticed, in order to improve the quality of our services and to keep all of our members happy and satisfied. This would be possible, also, with your continuous feedback and support.

Have a great day!


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I have a S7 from Videotron, I came from them, obviously also never had this issue.
The answer you got sounds more like from Bell Customer Service, I hope their sickness is not contagious ;).

Exactly. I have a Pixel 2 also from Videotron. Even outbound texts get hacked to pieces by Fizz and the recipient gets a bunch of small messages in random order. Very nostalgic. ;)



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@Alexandre, love your " . . .  hacked to pieces . . . in random order . . .  nostalgic. ;)", great community!!!


I myself is suprised to see so many problems with Beta.  Let's not be agressive with the Fizz CS/agents, they are the ones who have to deal with the mess, our collective messes.  What if it is your own brother/sister who's working for Fizz?!


Let's look at the bright side . . . . . will our Beta prices be extended after 3 months?  This is one question that I think even CS can't answer till the time comes.  Nice weekend to all!

Considering all the technical issues I see in the hub, I think this is the most pertinent question: how long we'll be in beta? I saw already a post / announce about extending the program, but can't find it anymore.
However, it looks they didn't inherit Videotron's knowledge and experience, but they inherit at least one of the major issues which made me make the move: very nice and well-intended CS people struggling more and more with their incapacity to help / provide solutions due to their limitations and a system constantly decreasing the offer quality and increasing the prices.