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Hi Alexandre,

These functionalities aren't available yet, but our desire is to improve our services day by day and offer you all the services you need.

We will update you and this thread once we get more updates.


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Not very likely to happen, especially for Android. Videotron (they run Fizz) doesn't support these features with BYOD phones, Fizz is all BYOD. In any case there are many issues that need to be resolved before even considering this.

That's pretty bad news, the 4G and 3G signal used for phone calls is pretty weak in my home and work area, had many issues mostly solved when I upgraded to my S7 with VoLTE.
I came from Videotron, but I didn't know about their VoLTE policy for BYOD.
However, it shouldn't be a technically issue for Fizz exactly because Videotron run them and they have it implemented since a year ago.
On the other hand, with so many issues on basic services like SMS and voicemail, probably yes, I'm dreaming they even just look at this now.