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How to use Fizz sim as sim number 2?

I tried to use my Fizz sim without any success. I own an Asus Zenfone 3 Laser with dual sim slots, sim 1 (micro) and sim 2 (nano). I hope to use sim 1 for voice and sim 2 for data. The phone "sees" the Fizz sim (i.e. sim 2 is available) but I cannot use it. I did not receive any text for configuration purpose. I tried to configure the APN settings but strangely some fields are grayed out. I appreciate very much your help to get the Fizz sim working.

keith quach
keith quach

keith quach

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Is that phone able to use 3/4G on the second sim? Try setting it as primary sim for set up.

I looked up your phone model, and like my dual sim phone, both sim slots can use 3/4G, but not at the same time. If your intended phone sim runs on a phone network that still has 2G, then you'll be okay to put the Fizz sim as primary sim and use data on that, phone on the secondary, otherwise you won't be able to use phone and data at the same time.

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