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Subreddit and many customers complaining about SMS/MMS

Hi Community,

I saw this subreddit:, and many are complaining about SMS and MMS not working. I had similar issues with SMS/MMS but it seems to be resolved :) I wonder if others are still having similar issues? What gives....

Hey JRock,

I had MMS issues but I got an OTA message (Over The Air) configuration message from Fizz and that fixed the issue. MMS is working fine now. Here is the APN settings you need for data and MMS:

For SMS, I'm okay. I have a boring work history in SMS (which I won't go into here) but I figure some Enterprise SMS are not getting through (links take a while to come up) but I'm not using Fizz as my primary phone for the moment. It's Beta you know.

Will report back with more info as I figure it out or think I figure it out ;)


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