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What is Fizz EXT?

My phone says Fizz EXT.
What is that?



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It means you are using a partner or extended network somewhere in Canada. This is very commonplace in Canada as it is a big country!

I regularly use Rogers and I go on Rogers EXT when I travel between Montreal and Toronto. In essence it means that even though I have a Canada wide plan, I am not always using Rogers network to make all my calls. Sometimes I am using Bell or Telus.

Depending on your plan, there is no extra cost and this national roaming is regulated by the CRTC.
It's transparent to the user and the networks sort it out between themselves.

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Hey Didier,

Like many networks in Canada - something called national roaming or partner networks exist.
It allows you to move around Canada even if your network is not fully active there. It's a quasi sharing between networks.

(Much like international roaming but at home, and you don't pay extra - depending on your plan)

Canada is a super big country, eh?! Hard to cover it with one network