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(Thank you) Are you travelling? We need your help

Update: Thank you for your comments, much appreciated :)


Hey Community,


As you know we're currently in Beta, and were looking for your feedback so that we can improve our services. For those of you who are travelling and have decide to take your Fizz service with you, we need your help in letting us know which roaming partner you were able to use with Fizz.


In order to help us, you'll need the following:


1-You need an active Fizz account
2-You need a travel add-on or money in your wallet to make sure you can use your Fizz services
3-You need to make sure you have roaming enabled on your device once you've arrived at your destination - and have the above settings configured, once completed, you will see the network operator your device is connected to.


Reply to this post with the destination and the travel partner you were able to use with your Fizz services.



-Community Team

Just got back from 5 days in the Dominican Republic. Before the trip I bought the 1G travel add-on for Latin America Zone and also put $5 in my wallet to cover texts. Network was Altice. Both data and texting worked great. Didn't run a specific speed test but felt as fast as being on the home Fizz network.

The only issue I had was when I got back to Canada and wanted to check how much data I used and the balance in my wallet. The data used was lower then I expected, but the wifi coverage in the resort was very good so that might explain that. My wallet balance was $0 which was surprising after only send a few texts while away. I see in the forum that this seems to be an issue seen while roaming outside of the Fizz home network. You get billed for data even though the data is part of your coverage area of your plan or part of a travel add-on. I will get in touch with support about getting the balance back.

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